“I came to Acu-Choice because I was suffering from painful stomach spasms, cramping, spent $1000 a month on medications and felt too sedated to be effective in my life. I have been a patient less than one year and no longer take any medications and also do not suffer from any of the stomach problems.” – Thiel M., Denver

“My daughter was diagnosed with anorexia more than eight years ago. I agree with your explanation of anorexia being caused not by the desire to be thin, but by imbalances in the chemistry of the brain and a genetic predisposition. I also agree these girls act as though they do not want treatment. Our daughter could have been spared so much if we had known of alternative treatments sooner.  Our daughter was treated at a major community hospital for years, as well as at two well-known residential treatment centers. She would gain weight only to lose it as soon as she was released. We had top-of-the-line health insurance, and I fought for every penny and then some. Her conventional medical treatment came to well over $400,000, and she showed no signs of improvement after six years.  A friend recommended Julia Ross’ book, “The Mood Cure.” My mother and her family suffer from depression and anxiety and the need to be perfect. I took my daughter to Anne Chew at Acu-Choice Health Care in Englewood. She was diagnosed with a brain chemical imbalance. Chew phrased the problem so well. “Your daughter cannot eat because her body is telling her not to.” That took all the pressure off my daughter and the rest of us. The simple adjustment of her GABA levels (a neurotransmitter of the central nervous system) eliminated all her anxiety attacks.

Another acupuncturist found that her body could not process and utilize serotonin. No wonder she had such bad reactions to taking serotonin-boosting SSRIs such as Paxil and Prozac. After using treatments from both of these non-conventional practitioners, my daughter is healthy and at a wonderful body weight. She has graduated from college, lives on her own and has a full-time job.” Printed in the Denver Post

“In 2003 I had a pain in my right thumb and it was diagnosed as an overuse injury. I also was having problems with my blood sugar and frequents sinus infections. A friend suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Chew of Acu-Choice Health Care. I made the appointment and it has been a wonderful life-changing experience ever since.

After the treatments, I did not need surgery on my thumb and had full use of it in a couple of months. As for sinus infections? I don’t remember the last time I had a sinus infection or even a cold. My blood sugar problems are under control, and I have more energy, sleep better, my joints don’t hurt, and my blood pressure is where it should be.

Dr. Chew is the reason I am doing so well. Between acupuncture treatments, supplements, different herbs and following the suggested food lists, I truly feel better now than when I was in my forties… and I am almost sixty now. Her vast knowledge of oriental medicine, nutrition and physiology makes it possible for her to treat the body as a whole. I recommend Acu-Choice Health Care to all of my family and friends and will continue to do so.” Barb H., Littleton

“Initially, I contacted Dr. Chew through a close friend’s recommendation. I was experiencing what I called “head fog” as well as limited mobility. Along with acupuncture treatments, Dr. Chew recommended “emotional cleansing.” This is where unwanted and unhealthy word patterns are cleared from my system. I had held the belief that I didn’t really matter; as that, and other negative patterns were cleared, I began to experience a profound change, both emotionally and physically. For anyone and everyone who is ready to move on with living their life, partnering with Dr. Chew is the right choice. To put it bluntly, she actually cares, she’s not “just” head. She actually has a heart.”   Michelle D., Columbine Valley

“After being put on more medications for diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides and weighing in at an all time high, I took matters into my own hands and went to Acu-Choice Health Care. Dr. Chew had been highly recommended and is the perfect fit for me.  In three months time my weight dropped significantly and my blood work improved so much that my physician took me off of my medications.

My success is a combination of diet, exercise, supplements and Acupuncture.  I feel confident by continuing under Dr. Chew’s guidance that I will reach my weight goal and stay off of my medications.  I didn’t realize how awful I felt until I started feelings so great!  I can’t thank Dr. Chew enough for her guidance and expertise and I would highly recommend Acu- Choice Health Care.” Patty H., Lakewood