Preventing Breast Cancer with Iodine?

While there are never guarantees when we talk about preventing disease there are many things that are known that will help you to stack the cards in your favor.
In this article I am going to share with you one of the many specific things that are known about breast health.
Iodine: The current recommended daily allowance (that was established in the 1930′s based on what we now know to be faulty science) is 150 mcg (micrograms). Most Americans are lucky if they get 50 mcg daily. This is because we tend to eat very few products from the sea. We eat almost no seaweed and limited amounts of fish. The source of iodine for most people is iodized salt and many people limit the amount of salt they eat or have switched to non-iodized salts.
So why is iodine important? Iodine is essential for thyroid functioning, healthy breasts, healthy uterus and healthy prostate functioning.

If you want a book-length discussion on the role iodine plays there is a book availible on Amazon “Breast Cancer and Iodine: How to prevent and How to survive Breast Cancer” by Dr. David Derry M.D.,Ph.D.

In this book he explains how iodine prevents stage one cancer cells from morphing into stage 2 and beyond.  He also shares some great demograhic information. The Japanese who eat a tradional diet that includes a lot of seaweed get about 13 mg (miligrams) of iodine daily and have corresponding low levels of breast cancer.

I hope you picked up on the difference between 50 mcg and 13 mg! Nobody says that you have to get 13 mg a day  but how about 3mg? or 7mg? I recommend that you start insuring adaquate iodine intake either by eating more seaweed (think sushi bar salad), taking seaweed supplements or taking a potassium iodide suppplement.

Another way to get it is to use topical iodine and paint it on the skin. The more the body needs it, the quicker it will be absorbed.  It can be put directly on breast tissue and will help the body dissolve fibroids. This is not new cutting edge information.  Forty years ago a Naturopath shared this information with me (right out of the Mayo Clinic I believe) and it worked like a charm to get rid of my “lumpy fibroids”. Cheap, easy and a smart thing to do.

Most people feel better ( a little more energy) when taking iodine because it supports thyroid functioning.

There are always exceptions.  Some people who take it feel worse.  Those people often are suffering from an auto-immune disease that is attacking the thyroid (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). In which case, listen to your body and don’t  supplement with it.

Iodine is one of those minerals that many if not most Americans are deficient in.  It is a simple way to start stacking the odds in your favor….

Be Well….Choose Life

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