Preventing Breast Cancer – Part 2

Years ago I went to a seminar where Dr. Jeffery Bland and Dr. Joseph Pizzorno were presenting research that they were conducting on fats and their relationship to breast cancer. The research model was to use mice that had been bred to easily develop mammary cancer. At that time the thought was that all fats would increase the growth of the cancer and hasten the death of the rats in the study.

What they observed was that all dietary fats did not produce the same results. To their amazement the rats that were fed Omega three fish oils and the rats fed ground flaxseed not only lived the longest they also outlived the control group! Flaxseed are a source of alpha-linolenic acid that most people can convert to the EPA and DHA found in fish oils.

Time has proven this preliminary study to be very accurate. It is common knowledge in the nutrition world that Omega three oils can have a protective effect against breast cancer.  Supplementing with 2-4 mg of Omega three-rich fish oils AND finding a way to incorporate ground flaxseed (that includes lignans) at 2 Tablespoons per day is another great way to help breast health.

The mechanisms as to why they are protective might be that the lignans (fiber) in the flaxseed help to modulate estrogens in the body. Omega Three oils are generally deficient in the American diet so most people are generally deficient in this essential oil. What it does for you is to modulate the inflammatory response. Bringing down inflammation is important because inflammation increases cellular damage and mutations that promote cancer.

There are dietary sources of fish oils that include sardines, herring and mackerel. Most Americans shun the “stinky little fish ” that our grandparents ate.  Cold water fish such as Alaskan cod and salmon are another good source. Farm-raised atlantic salmon are NOT a good source of the beneficial oils.  Incorporating nuts and seeds such as sunflower seed, walnuts, and pecans into the diet are another source of these oils.

Little changes in the diet, done consistently, can make a huge difference in your health.

Be Well, Make Good Choices.

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