Healing Techniques

Acu-Choice offers a broad array of wellness services. You can request a specific service, or work with Dr. Anne Chew to integrate services that best meet your health care needs.

Acupuncture – Involves inserting thin, sterile needles into specific points along the skin to balance the energy, or chi, which flows throughout the body. When energy is blocked, it can lead to injury or illness. By freeing up the flow of energy, the body is better able to heal. Read more about Acupuncture here.
Nutritional Counseling – Counseling to develop an individualized program that meets one’s specific dietary and supplement needs to aid metabolism, digestion and optimal body weight and function.
Neurotransmitter Balancing – Use of targeted amino acids to bring the brain’s neurotransmitters into balance to alleviate anxiety and depression related conditions such as anorexia, obsessive compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, learning and memory issues and insomnia.
Emotional Balancing – Using a modified Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT), we clear stuck word patterns that create negative emotional responses and thus creating new opportunities for healing and growth.
Herbal Therapy – Consumption or application of herbal medicines specially designed to treat an individual’s specific condition.
Therapeutic Massage – Therapeutic massage can be used for general relaxation and stress relief. It can also be used as an adjunct therapy to help rehabilitate specific areas of the body such as back, neck and shoulder pain.
Pain Management – Application of Eastern and Western techniques. Acupuncture and Theratism to alleviate painful medical conditions, such as sciatica, migraines, joint, neck and back pain.
Preventive & Wellness Care – Comprehensive approach combining Oriental medicine and Western nutrition to keep the body strong, the mind clear, and the emotions stable so you can maintain optimal health.
Weight Management – A comprehensive program using First Line Therapy to achieve permanent lifestyle change for weight management and optimal health.
Ion Foot Baths – Ionized water footbaths are an excellent way to detoxify the body. The circulating ions of oxygen and hydrogen combine with toxins in your body and are then released back into the water. This lowers the toxic load in the body often resulting in decrease symptoms of joint and muscle pain and stiffness. Appointments for footbaths can be made to coincide with acupuncture treatments or can be made as a stand-alone appointment.
Reflexology – is an ancient, multi-cultural therapy based upon the theory that reflex points on the hands, feet and ears are linked to every organ, gland, muscle and body part. Through various techniques, pressure is applied to these reflexes which encourage the body to relax, returning to its own natural state of health.