Yeast is an opportunistic organism. It takes hold when the conditions are right. When the body’s vitality is low and the immune system is over worked, we become susceptible. Here are steps to take to prevent a yeast infection:

● Remove heavy metal exposure and toxic exposure. Mercury /silver filling in the teeth, excess fish consumption, workplace exposure, and pesticides are places to start looking. Consider a hair analysis.
● Clean out the bowel by increasing fiber and using digestive enzymes and magnesium citrate if necessary. Remember that diarrhea is often an extreme form of constipation. Consider colonics and/or a vitamin C Flush. Treat for parasites if necessary.
● Consider a liver cleanse to open the pathways of detoxification.
● Identify underlying infections and treat. Viruses, unfriendly bowel bacteria, root canals, cavitations, chronic sinus, bladder, kidney lung infections are some places to look.
● Consider a very low glycemic diet while you are detoxifying. Sugar, gluten, milk, alcohol must be avoided.
● Balance Omega 6 and Omega 3 oil intake. 4 parts of sunflower oil mixed with 1 part flaxseed oil is an ideal combination. 2-6 Tbs. a day. Increase evening primrose oil if you have a lot of inflammation. This only helps if you are on a very low glycemic diet. Avoid hydrogenated oils and margarine.
● Take organic minerals and eat an abundance of fresh, organic vegetables and some fruit.
● Re-inoculate the gut with friendly bacteria and HSO. Consider using Lactic Acid Yeast to acidify the gut.
● Eliminate acquired allergies using NAET or JMT and acupuncture.
● Take time to rest. The body heals when you are sleeping. Take herbs like valerian or skullcap to help with sleep.
● De-stress your life as much as possible.
● Spend at least 20 minutes a day out in the sunlight. Morning light is the best. Do not wear sunglasses for that time. You can shade your eyes with a hat.
● Consider getting regular massages to help with relaxation and lymph drainage.
● Consider regular saunas and/or Epsom salt baths to help with detoxification.
● Begin a regular exercise program even if that means walking to the end of the driveway twice a day.