Beating Depression without Drugs

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Depression is one of modern society’s scourges. It affects most people at least temporarily sometime in their life.

Situational depression can come after a personal loss of some kind whether from a job loss, death, divorce or illness. Time, counseling or family support, and a short course (3 to 6 months) of an anti-depressant either natural or prescription is usually enough to do the trick. St John’s Wort or tryptophan (an amino acid) are two popular natural anti-depressants.

Mild to Moderate Depression is another story. It is often an unwanted companion that resembles a little black cloud. Symptoms can include insomnia, sleeping too much, lack of appetite, eating constantly, fatigue, lack of interest in sex, lack of interest in life, muscle pain, withdrawal, crying and fatigue.


Anti-depressants (prescription) are often effective in the short run because they trick the body into thinking that it has more serotonin. In the long run however use of Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibiters (SSRI ) may further deplete the body’s serotonin reserves. This is why after about six months the drug’s effectiveness appears to wear off. The solution from your Dr. is to increase the dosage and or change the drug to regain the effectiveness. For many people it is also a life sentence to being dependent on drugs. This may be your best option.


However, there may be other options to finding the bottom-line cause of the depression. Few people know that food allergies or sensitivities may be the root cause of depression. Gluten and milk sensitivities are prime suspects. The only symptom you may experience is depression! Skin testing is NOT an effective way to test for food sensitivities. Saliva tests are a great way to screen for food allergies but are no more effective than blood tests. If they come back positive, then you do have a sensitivity. If they come back negative we have really learned nothing. It could be that you are not sensitive or that the test did not pick it up because the immune system is so compromised that it did not react to the challenge.


Chinese Medicine offers another way to evaluate what is going on with chronic depression. As a theory of health it looks at the Energy Systems that are associated with organs. Often a pattern of blockages can be identified and can be treated with acupuncture, supplements, lifestyle changes and herbs. Usually the patterns involve the Liver, Lung, Spleen or Kidney Energy Systems. It is common to reverse chronic depression with no or minimal amounts of drugs.



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