Another Look at Migraines and Tension Headaches

Most people who suffer from migraine headaches assume that it as a curse that they will live with the rest of their lives or until it mysteriously disappears. Many women believe that since their migraine headache is related to their periods that they will suffer until menopause.


There are alternatives! Many people have been able to eliminate or drastically reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of their headaches with Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. Oriental Medicine offers a unique perspective because it offers us a Theory of Health as opposed to a Theory of Disease. By understanding the underlying energy imbalances that cause the headache it is possible to adjust the energy using acupuncture, diet, supplements and herbs and therefore eliminating the symptoms.


Some migraines are caused by gluten and other food allergies. Skin testing is notoriously unreliable in identifying food allergies. Saliva testing and blood testing are more likely to pick up food allergens. Hidden food allergies often do not present with an immediate cause and effect because the allergen is almost always in the system. A specific symptom (headache) may not present itself until there is an overload of the allergen. Some allergens cause delayed reactions. It may be hours or even days after ingesting a problem food before the symptom occurs. This makes cause and effect very difficult to connect.


In Oriental Medicine the diagnosis consists of identifying the energy patterns (organs) that are out of balance. Headaches are often connected with the liver-gallbladder energy system. This does not mean that the liver and gallbladder are diseased from a Western Medicine perspective. It is a subtle imbalance not a disease process that involves pathogens like virus and bacteria. The symptoms are often not subtle at all! (Headaches)


Control of the symptoms is often very possible with acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and targeted lifestyle changes. 

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